Training & Curriculum Design

Training & Curriculum Design

CSEC4 is experienced in curriculum design and has just completed the design of 50 courses for our customers in the MENA Regions. We use a Systems Approach to Training (SAT) with training design based against the ADDIE model for instructional design; Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. We will liaise with all key stakeholders throughout the design phase to ensure that all learning modules fully meet the needs of the:

  • Organization
  • Team
  • Individual

This will also include full compliance and coherence with all existing UK Government and FCO policy and procedures where appropriate.

All curriculum design will be delivered to Defence Systems Approach to Training (SAT) training standards. This standard ensures that all modules are broken down with each lesson plan containing three specific sections:

Section Elements
Administration Course & Module Title:
Lesson Title:
Review Date:
Learning Outcomes
Training Objective(s):
Enabling Objective(s):
Key Learning Points:
Execution 1. Interest
2. Need
3. Title
4. Range
5. Objectives
6. Safety Brief
7. Content
Consolidation Summary:
Assessment of Enabling Objectives:
Student Questions:

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