SAFE (Security Awareness in Fraglie Environments)

CSEC4 provides current and realistic Security Awareness in Fragile Environment (SAFE) courses that reflect the up to date political and military situation in those countries to which this training is required and mandatory. This training is delivered in a learner focused workshop format with all content being designed to meet the needs, concerns and expectations of all participants.

CSEC4 designs and delivers the SAFE training that is current and coherent with the needs of all organisations, companies and individual participants. Our experience of delivering similar training to staff, is that learning content must address the needs and concerns of participants and the assumptions and pre-conceptions of the country to which they will be deployed, especially if this is their first visit. The objective of this course “Is to prepare, not scare” and provide participants with additional life skills that can be easily migrated into their respective work placements. The content will provide participants with the knowledge and capability to react with confidence in challenging and threatening situations. 

A standardised approach in this type of training does not allow for the ever changing security scenario. We will take a flexible, proactive approach to the course content to ensure that each session reflects the age, gender and experience of the student, coupled with an up to date threat assessment of the area to be visited and taking in to account any religious festivals, political situation and/or unrest, seasonality, recent threats/terrorist activity and the security situation. This ensures a dynamism and realism not often afforded by other providers who will adopt a ‘one size fits all’ standardised approach. We believe that the resulting safety of the student depends wholly upon the quality and currency of the learning provided throughout the course, continually taking the ever changing needs of the client into account.

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