ETH Security Solutions

ETH Security Solutions

ETH Security Solutions is a part of AMC global. A group of highly specialized companies which invest, acquire, develop, build, manage and operate real estate projects. Their group of companies are one hundred percent Saudi Arabian owned and have been operating in the Saudi Arabian market for over forty years, with a highly successful and renowned track record. ETH Security Solutions was originally formed in 2003 by owner and visionary, Essam Toufac Hamza to influence and inspire the security market place by providing professional and accountable security services to governmental, commercial and private entities

The company was re-branded in 2017 in line with the spirit of the “Saudi Arabia vision 2030” in order to provide the Saudi Arabian government with a private, credible and viable option to secure commercial and private assets within the Kingdom, enabling government forces to be released form such duties. This was combined with a desire by the owner to promote Saudization and provide an international accredited career progression for young Saudi citizens who wish to progress through the security industry. ETH Security Solutions was one of the first companies to recognize the need for change in the requirement for private, civilian security companies within Saudi Arabia and is recognized as one of the best privately owned and locally operated security services provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Few companies match ETH Security Solutions exceptional Kingdom wide knowledge, depth of experience, breadth of services, robust infrastructure, and role as trusted advisor to their clients. They have unique access to former police and military personnel with the relative experience and current understanding of today's threats. They are committed to providing their clients a realistic, relevant, efficient and cost-effective real-world solution that meets the client’s unique requirements, and prompt attention when security events or other issues arise. Their dedication to client satisfaction is driven by our, client first mindset and our “can do” attitude, supported by our vast local resources and experience.


  •  Manned guarding
  •  Hazardous environment awareness training
  •  Security reviews
  •  Supply of security equipment
  •  Supply of physical security products
  •  Security consultancy
  •  Security training
  •  Security control center with 24 Hr monitoring

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